About Us

We are a mother (Catherine) and daughter (Amy) artisan team that is finally fulfilling a dream that has been in the works over ten years……ok, maybe more like twenty years. Alice, Catherine’s mom, was an excellent cook and floral decorator, entertaining hundreds of guests with little notice and made it look easy. She instilled in Catherine and Amy the love of cooking, baking, decorating and artistry. Catherine and Amy have been baking and crafting Amy’s entire life. Amy graduated from the UT Culinary school in 2017 and is able to add her flair to her baking. She is also an amazing artist and seamstress. Amy’s artisan talents include resin work, needlework, candles utilizing vintage china, intricate polymer clay pieces, home décor and furniture renewal. Due to Amy’s love of cats, her newest passion is creating cat toys! She uses upcycled materials whenever possible. You can also visit our sister site Rainey Day Baking (coming soon) where we are having fun in the kitchen with baked and freeze dried goods!